Indian Railways planning to use Solar Energy in Trains to run the AC's as well as other electrical equipment's. For creating the Solar Powered train design Indian Railways made tie up with IIM Madras. This project considered to be most challenging job as Indian trains are running various areas with different climate. 
Indian Railways Solar Project
Once the project got success Indian Rail planning implement all over India to Save Energy.  This will avoid existing Diesel as well as other resources cost.  However the projects end time not yet announced.  Existing AC compartments trouble with Battery system several times. So once the Solar power Trains get start running Indian railways expecting to save as Energy as well reduce pollution aspects. 

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  1. This is Good. Railways can use Solar Energy systems at the railways stations. Train compartments entry must be widened. The present entrance is narrow. It faces difficulties to get IN and get OUT . It is very difficult for the aged even with the luggage. Therefore, Indian Railways with IIM Madras must re-design the width of compartment door. This will help the passengers to enter into the compartment and for coming out from the compartments.