South Eastern Railways announced following list of changes on the new train timings with effect from July 2013. Following are the details
Main changes are 4 pairs EMU local trains and additional stoppages to 11 EMU local trains
New Trains List for South Eastern Railways
  • Train No. 38907/38912 Howrah-Amta EMU Local – Train No. 38907 Howrah-Amta EMU Local leaving Howrah at 10:28 hours willarrive Amta at 12:10 hours. In the return direction, Train No. 38912 Amta-Howrah EMU Local leaving Amta at 12:30 hours will arrive Howrah at 14:05 hours.
  • Train No. 38411/38444 Santragachi-Panskura EMU Local – Train No. 38411 Santragachi-Panskura EMU Local leaving Santragachi at 07:45 hours will arrive Panskura at 09:12 hours. In the return direction, Train No. 38444 Panskura-Santragachi EMU Local leaving Panskura at 09:20 hours will arrive Santragachi at 10:48 hours.
  • Train No. 38731/38736 Santragachi-Kharagpur EMU Local – Train No. 38731 Santragachi-Kharagpur EMU Local leaving Santragachi at 10:55 hours will arrive Kharagpur at 13:15 hours. In the return direction, Train No. 38736 Kharagpur-Santragachi EMU Local leaving Kharagpur at 14:00 hours will arrive Santragachi at 16:30 hours.
  • Train No. 38151/38124 Santragachi-Uluberia EMU Local – 38151 Santragachi-Uluberia EMU Local leaving Santragachi at 16:40 hours will arrive Uluberia at 17:20 hours. In the oppositedirection, Train No. 38124 Uluberia-Santragachi EMU Local leaving Uluberia at 06:52 hours will arrive Santragachi at 07:37 hours.
Additional Stoppages Trains List
Train No. 38091 Howrah-Haldia EMU will have additional stoppage at Tikiapara, Train No. 38701 Howrah-Kharagpur EMU at Kolaghat, Train No.38871 Howrah-Midnapur EMU at Ramrajatala, Train No.38875 Howrah-Midnapur EMU at Sankrail, Train No.38877 Howrah-Midnapur EMU at Bhogpur, Train No.38879 Howrah-Midnapur EMU at Duan, Train No.38854 Midnapur-Howrah EMU at Radhamohanpur, Train No.38878 Midnapur-Howrah EMU at Duan, Train No.38872 Midnapur-Howrah EMU at Ghoraghata, Train No.38744 Kharagpur-Howrah EMU at Kulgachia and Train No.38142 Uluberia-Howrah EMU at Abada.

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