Central Railway decided to install Closed Circuit Television (CCTV) Cameras in General and reserved trains and Emergency Push Button on Ladies Coaches. Central Railway will make a trial of this new applications in January 15th,2013. Railway decided to install 40 cameras in one Train as a trial
This sudden action of Railway is based on the Delhi incident. It help to avoid threat and harassment on Trains especially in Ladies Specials.
Emergency Push Button is only for Ladies Coaches but CCTV for all General Local Train. One Control Room for CCTVs in trains will be at CST and one recording box is at Motonman Cabin.
From Control Room staff can watch and monitor running trains,and at the time of emergency Control Room staff can identify the train and catch the train at the very the next station. Danish Company, FOCON is studying further details of this application and will make the completion after the first trial of January 15th,2013.
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