I think most of the passengers knows about the Passenger ticket up gradation scheme available on the Indian Railways ticket booking. For getting the same facility you have to select Consider for Auto Upgradation.

Do you ever think a service that will provide you the latest chart that will shows you online these details. Yes its available on the Indian Railways Official website itself. Now we can track Indian Railways passenger ticket upgraded list online easier than any time. All you have to do for the same is visit the following link 
One you have open the same then enter the Train No. and Enter the chart date. Once you enter the same press Get List button to get the complete chart that shows upgraded passenger details. This report shows in a clear manner that can understand any one.
Train Ticket Auto Upgrade form

Following are the fields available on the resulting report S.No., PNR , Passenger Name, From To,Old Class,Old Coach, Old Seat, New Class, New Coach, New Seat.

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