Travel Un Limited in Mumbai with Tourist Pass

I think most of the passengers or tourists don't know about the Mumbai Local Train Tourist passes for the Daily, 3Days and 5 Days. These tickets are offering unlimited travel in the Central and Western section of the Mumbai Suburban.

Following are the details

Mumbai Local Train Tourist Pass (Ticket in Rs.)

Please note the following conditions mention by the Indian Railways during there announcement. 

Travel Time
All these tickets are valid up midnight of there date of validity.

There is no concession to any one.

Refund Process
Tourist tickets booked in advance can be cancelled before the day of validity o­n which clerkage charges, at Rs. 10 for second class and Rs. 20 for First class per passenger will be deducted. Also no cancellation allowed like partial.

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  1. For individual lines , do we need to take individual tickets?. I mean for harbour , central & western lines

  2. By this ticket you can travel any station o­n suburban sections of Central Railway and Western Railway.

  3. Sir, where are these passes available, I would want to collect one for my journey.