East Coast Railways announced following trains will be rescheduled due to urgent modernization work for commissioning of Route Relay Interlocking (RRI) & Non-Inter Locking Work at Titlagarh for till 17th April 2010.

  • Train No.8108 Koraput-Rourkela Inter City Express:-8108 Koraput-Rourkela Inter City Express secheduled to leave Koraput on 13th April 2010 at 05.00p.m will be re-scheduled to leave Koraput at 08.00p.m.
  • Train No.8426 Raipur-Puri Express:-8426 Raipur-Puri Express secheduled to leave Raipur on 12th April 2010 at 05.30p.m will be re-scheduled to leave Raipur at 09.30p.m. 
  • Train No.8107 Rourkela-Koraput Express:-8107 Rourkela-Koraput Express secheduled to leave Rourkela on 13th April 2010 will be re-scheduled to leave Rourkela at 06.45p.m instead of its scheduled timings. 
  • Train No.8517 Korba-Visakhapatnam Express:-8517 Korba-Visakhapatnam Express on 13th April 2010 will be re-scheduled to leave Korba at 06.30p.m instead of its scheduled timings.
  • Train No.3352 Alappuzha-Dhanbad Express :-3352 Alappuzha-Dhanbad Express leaving Alappuzha on 11th April 2010 will be regulated in Waltair & Sambalpur Division.

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